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1st Conditional Exercises

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Remember, the 1st Conditional is used to talk about things that will probably happen.

  1. We___________(go) to the show, if we__________(be/send) an invitation. But we haven't received anything yet.

  2. If you_______(finish) this exercise now, you________(not/have) any homework.

  3. We________(not/go) camping this weekend unless it________(stop) raining.

  4. ___________(I/be) happy if you_______(visit) me? Of course I will!

  5. I will be there in an hour. I_____(give) you a ring if I (not/can/find) your building.

  6. Okay, I______(tell) you what I want to do if you______(keep) it to yourself.

  7. I______(not/lend) you anything again if you______(not/give) me my CD back.

  8. The teacher_______(call) Billy's parents if he______(not/come) to school tomorrow.

  9. If we_____(not/sell) our house by the end of the month, we_____(lower) the price.

  10. If the parcel________(not/be/deliver) today, I________(complain) to the manager.

  11. If the weather_______(be) nice tomorrow, we_______(go) for a picnic.

  12. The bus is 10 minutes late. What______(we/do) if it______(not/come)?

  13. I _______(go) to the doctor tomorrow if I________(not/feel) any better.

  14. Hurry up! If we_______(not/leave) now, we_____(miss) the beginning of the movie.

  15. I______(buy) a hamburger if I_______(be) hungry.

  16. The book_____(be/publish) next month unless some complications_______(occur).

  17. You _______(not/play) a musical instrument well unless you_____(practice) often.

  18. If you______(not/feel) good tonight, we ________(not/go) out.

  19. Claire is very kind. I'm sure she______(help) you if you ask her.

  20. If you_______(not/eat) anything now, you_______(be) hungry later.

  21. Look at your hands! If you______(not/wash) them, you_____(get) your shirt dirty.

  22. She_____(leave) the hospital tomorrow, if her test results_____(be) good.

  23. Scientists say that if we______(continue) cutting down trees many forests____(disappear).

  24. If I ____(pass) all of my exams, I _____(take) a vacation.

  25. If we____(not/stop) killing rare species of animals, they____(die out).

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