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2nd Conditional Exercises

Remember: we use the 2nd Conditional to talk about an event that is not likely to happen.

  1. If you ______(can) live anywhere in the world, where _________(you/choose)?

  2. What ______ you do if you______(have) one month left to live?

  3. You ________ not be overweight if you ______ not eat so much candy.

  4. If we _______(buy) a washing machine, we _______ not have to go to the laundry.

  5. If I _________(need) a new computer, I _______ buy one.

  6. What _______ you do if you ______(find) a bag full of money?

  7. If you _______(can) be another person for a day, who ______ you _____ (chose) to be?

  8. What ________ you do if you ____(get) stuck in a lift?

  9. Would you mind if I ________(open) the window?

  10. Our kids ______ be happier if we _____(live) in the country.

  11. If all the people in the world ______(can) speak the same language, we _____(can) avoid many misunderstandings.

  12. If I _____(be) a millionaire, I _______ give some money to charities.

  13. If I _____(be) you, I _______ not worry so much.

  14. If I _______(have) his number, I ______(will) call him.

  15. If I ________(meet) Elvis, I ________ ask him to dance.

  16. She _______ travel all over the world if she _____(was) rich.

  17. I ________ not drink that milk if I _____(was) you.

  18. You ______ not have so many accidents if you _____(drive) more carefully.

  19. If there ____(be) a fire in this building, it ______ be impossible to escape.

  20. If he _____(know) the truth he _______ kill you.

  21. I _______ not have a cat if I ______ not like animals.

  22. If he _____(be) a nice person, he ______ not treat people so badly.

  23. I _______ not go to that hotel if I ______ (be) you.

  24. I _______ not be here if I ______ not interested in what you are offering.

  25. If you _______ an animal, which one _____ you be?

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