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Down to Earth

In this post we learn about the expression “down to earth," and a few others to talk about people and the way they behave or think of themselves.

Down to earth means being practical and direct in dealing with people, and open and honest. It is easy to communicate with and be around someone who is down to earth. Down to earth people can be important members of society but they do not think of themselves as better than others who are not as important. They do not let their importance "go to their heads." Someone who lets something go to his/her head feels he/she is better than others. A person who is filled with his/her own importance and pride is said to have a big head, or have his/her nose in the air, or to be full of himself/herself. This is the type of person we would likely tell to "get off their high horse." Someone with both feet on the ground is a person with a good understanding of reality. The opposite kind of person is one who has his head in the clouds. Someone with his head in the clouds is a person whose mind is in a fantasy world. Such a person may be called a "daydreamer." A daydreamer can also just be a person whose mind wanders often.


  • Do you know anyone who has their head in the clouds?

  • Who is the most down to earth person you know?

  • Do you know anyone who has their nose in the air?

  • Are you a daydreamer?

  • Is your head in the clouds? Or do you have both feet on the ground?

  • Are there any expressions in your language to talk about how people behave?

  • Which expression did you like the most in this post?

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