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English for Kids: Five Little Pumpkins | Caitie's Classroom Sing-Along

Let's learn how to express our feelings by watching this video and answering the questions with your tutor.


  1. How do we feel when we smile?

  2. Show me your biggest smile.

  3. What do grumpy pumpkins do?

  4. Show me a pout.

  5. What do we do when we are tired or sleepy?

  6. Can you yawn like a sleepy pumpkin?

  7. What do sad pumpkins do?

  8. Can you show me how to cry?

  9. What do playing happy pumpkins do?

  10. Can you laugh with me?

  11. Do you celebrate Halloween in your country?

  12. Have you ever made a jack-o-lantern?

  13. Have you ever gone trick or treating?

  14. Have you ever dressed up for Halloween? If so, how?

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