English for Kids: Potter, Potter, the Healthy Otter!

Watch this video clip and answer the questions that follow with your tutor.


  1. Does Potter love being healthy?

  2. Do you love being healthy?

  3. What exercises do you do to stay healthy?

  4. When do Mamma and Pappa Otter say you must exercise?

  5. Does doing exercises help you grow?

  6. What does Potter want his friends to love too?

  7. Where was Toada laying?

  8. Do you take naps?

  9. What does Potter suggest that he and Toada do on their way to the park?

  10. Who was Moose watching TV with?

  11. Where were the skunks?

  12. What were they doing?

  13. What were the kangaroos doing?

  14. Why does your body need exercise?

  15. Do you like to play on slides and swings at the park?

  16. What does Moose want to play at the park?

  17. Who started to swim?

  18. What did the skunks do?

  19. What did the jumping kangaroos play?

  20. What did they shout?

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