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English for kids: Potter the Otter's Market Adventure

Watch this video about Potter the Otter and answer the questions that follow with your tutor.


  1. What does Potter the Otter love?

  2. What do Mamma and Pappa Otter say he must do every day?

  3. Are veggies and fruits fun to eat?

  4. Are they yummy in your tummy?

  5. What kind of lunch does Potter say they must make?

  6. How do they get to the market?

  7. What does Potter grab and take with to the market?

  8. What does Toada like best?

  9. What colour are they?

  10. What do Moose and Goose like?

  11. Where do the skunks sell their fruits from?

  12. What can we try to flavour our water anytime?

  13. What does Kangaroo love?

  14. What colour are they?

  15. What shape are they?

  16. What does Pappa slice up at home for their healthy lunch?

  17. Why does Potter scoop avocado?

  18. What is the tastiest sandwich they've ever seen?

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