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English for Kids: Reading Comprehension - Ewe Wee

Read the following short story out loud with your tutor and then answer the questions that follow.

The older Ewe sisters didn't like to eat their vegetables. What they really liked was playing, laughing, and rolling to their favourite interactive games, all morning long, on the big-screen TV, with their younger sister, Ewe Wee. "It's time for lunch!" MaaMaa Ewe shouted to the kids. The kids hit the TV remote and scampered into the kitchen. They took their seats at the lunch table to start eating their fare of whole-grain breads. "We love our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!" the kids said happily.

As the kids were munching away on their PB&Js, MaaMaa Ewe was sifting through and scanning the food section of the paper, looking for coupons. She noticed an article on a new restaurant that was opening called the Organic Meadow. "Let's all go out for dinner tonight," said MaaMaa Ewe. "Where are we going?" asked the kids. "The Organic Meadow. They have an all-you-can-eat veggie buffet," stated MaaMaa Ewe. "Eating vegetables stink," said Pee Ewe, the oldest one.

"They're so bla-a-and!" seconded Ewe Too, the second oldest. "I've never had vegetables before, so I'll withhold judgement until I try them," said Ewe Wee, the youngest one. The afternoon flew by, and dinner hour was nearing. Everyone was hurrying to get ready. Combing coats, washing hooves, and brushing teeth were required before jumping into the mini-van. The trip to the new restaurant was the quietest ride ever, because the older Ewe sisters were not looking forward to eating their vegetables. "We're here. Everybody stay together when we enter the buffet line," MaaMaa reminded the kids.

As the Ewe family entered, with EweWee bringing up the rear, they saw that the new restaurant was packed, and the buffet line was long. While standing in the buffet line, Ewe Wee heard all kinds of comments about vegetables that made her scared about eating them.

"I love peas," said Peabody the peacock, "but I don't like carrots."

"I love carrots," said Carrie the caribou, "but I don't like peas." "There's only one way to eat peas and carrots together, and that's by smothering them in horseradish," said Horst the horse. "I don't want any peas and carrots, MaaMaa!" cried Ewe Wee.

"Don't listen to them, because they're just trying to pull the wool over your eyes," replied MaaMaa. "Just hold your nose, and they'll go down easy," said Pee Ewe. "Make sure you use two hooves on your nose," seconded Ewe Too. The Ewe family went through the buffet line, and MaaMaa Ewe made sure

the kids had peas and carrots on their plates before they took their seats at the dining table to start eating the evening fare of vegetables.

"Everyone who cleans their plates of peas and carrots gets to go in the dessert line," offered MaaMaa. The older sisters, Pee Ewe and Ewe Too, were holding their noses. Ewe Wee was watching them when a commotion of pushing and shoving began in the buffet line, because someone had tried cutting in line. Everyone in the restaurant was turning heads to see what was happening. When the commotion was over, MaaMaa Ewe did a plate check and was pleased to see that everyone had finished their peas and carrots. "Okay, kids, let's go get in the dessert line," said MaaMaa with a smile. "Baa-daa-boom, baa-daa-bing! We love our ice cream!" sang the kids.

A month went by, and MaaMaa once again said, "Let's all go out for dinner!" The Ewe family jumped in the mini-van and once again went to the all-you-can-eat veggie restaurant. This time, Ewe Wee was the first sister to load up her plate with peas and carrots and was the first to finish them in record time, without holding her nose. "What turned you around on eating peas and carrots?" asked Pee Ewe. "The first time we were here, I was too scared to eat my peas and carrots, so I scooped them into my napkin and took them home until I could come up with a way to enjoy eating them," said Ewe Wee. "What did you come up with that makes them so easy to eat?" asked Ewe Too. "I came up with a recipe called "Peaish-Carbob's", where I alternate sliding peas and carrots on a small skewer stick. Then I dunk'em in my favorite dipping sauce, and they go sliding down real easy. It's a ba-a-autiful combination!" said the chef Ewe Wee.


  1. Do you like to eat vegetables?

  2. Did the Ewe sisters like to eat vegetables?

  3. What did the Ewe sisters like doing?

  4. Where did Mama Ewe take them for dinner?

  5. What vegetables did they eat?

  6. What are your favourite vegetables?

  7. What did the children have to do before they could get dessert?

  8. Do you like ice-cream?

  9. What did they sing when they could get dessert?

  10. What recipe did Ewe Wee come up with to make eating carrots and peas easy?

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