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English for Kids: Tarzan

Watch this video from Tarzan and listen to the words of the song, and answer the questions that follow with your tutor.


  1. Have you watched the movie Tarzan before?

  2. When does the song say the power to be strong and the wisdom to be wise will come?

  3. What will he climb?

  4. What is the top of a mountain called?

  5. Where must he look to?

  6. Where will he find his place?

  7. What kind of animal grabs Tarzan's hand when he almost falls out of the tree?

  8. What kind of animal is hanging on a vine?

  9. What does Tarzan fall onto that hits all the monkeys in the face?

  10. What kind of animals are in the water when Tarzan sits on one's head?

  11. Which animals try to bite Tarzan in the water?

  12. What do the elephants use to throw Tarzan into the water?

  13. What happened to the snake when it tried to get Tarzan?

Now watch Parkour Tarzan doing Parkour in the city.

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