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How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Research the company.

When preparing for an interview, always take time to research the company you are applying for. Find out about the company's history, culture, main goals, and values.

Be prepared.

Think about the most common interview questions and how you could answer them. Practice answering the questions. Think of the specific examples you could use to highlight your skills.

Act confident.

Be polite, formal, keep eye contact, and believe in yourself. Be ready to talk about your best qualities and how you could contribute to the company. Don't be shy to talk about what you have accomplished in your career. Also, don’t be afraid to mention a few weaknesses.

Show that you are motivated.

Make sure you know why you are applying for that specific company. No company wants an employee who can work anywhere.

Useful Expressions

  • Let me introduce myself.

  • The reason why I chose this company is...

  • I am applying for the manager’s position.

  • My main strengths are...

  • I believe my strongest trait is...

  • I am convinced that...

  • I believe that my experience in the field can make me a valuable asset to your company.


1. Do you think you are generally good at job interviews? Why? Why not? 2. How do you feel when you talk about your own accomplishments? 3. Do you remember your first job interview? How was it? 4. What do you do in order to relax during a job interview? 5. What kind of questions do you hate being asked in a job interview?

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