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Listening Practice: Eating Out

Listen to this conversation between friends and answer the questions that follow with your tutor.


  1. How many people are going to lunch?

  2. She has a flat near the _________.

  3. Who is looking for a room to rent?

  4. Do they all know each other?

  5. What does it mean if you fancy something/someone?

  6. What three places do they talk about?

  7. Where do they decide to go?

  8. Why did they have to wait for Nina?

  9. Why didn't they choose the pizza place?

  10. Why didn't they choose the French cafe?

  11. Which restaurant did they choose?

  12. Why did they choose it?

  13. Have you ever experienced bad service at a restaurant?

  14. Do you go anywhere that is often packed?

  15. Are there any good restaurants near you that have a terrace?

  16. Do you know anyone who is vegetarian?

  17. Are you allergic to anything?

  18. Do you like spicy food?

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