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Listening Practice: Practice English with MOVIES (Lesson #30) Title: The Big Short

Watch this video clip from The Big Short and answer the questions that follow with your tutor.


  1. What is in a gully right now?

  2. What does she mean by this?

  3. What does itsy bitsy mean?

  4. What is gully?

  5. What does it mean if you are calm?

  6. How much did she sell the house for when it was built?

  7. How much was it 2 years later?

  8. How long ago was it 585?

  9. What is a couple?

  10. How much did they buy the house for?

  11. What does it mean to let it go for that?

  12. How would it make him feel? (Break his heart)

  13. Why is he selling?

  14. What does neither mean opposed to either?

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