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Listening Practice: Practice English with MOVIES (Lesson #35) Title: The Lion King

Watch this video clip from The Lion King and answer the questions that follow with your tutor.


  1. Why does Scar say that life is not fair?

  2. And you shall never see the light of ____________.

  3. What does Zazu ask Scar about his mother?

  4. Who is Zazu announcing is on his way?

  5. What does it mean to announce something?

  6. What did Scar miss?

  7. What is an excuse?

  8. What did Scar lose?

  9. He's as mad as a _______ with a _________.

  10. What is a hernia?

  11. What does quiver mean?

  12. What does Scar quiver with?

  13. What is impeccable?

  14. What does impeccable mean?

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