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Listening Practice: Practice English with MOVIES (Lesson #38) Title: Aladdin

Watch this video clip from the movie Aladdin and answer the questions that follow with your tutor.


  1. What is a beau?

  2. Who does he remind her of?

  3. What does he say his servants do?

  4. What is a casanova?

  5. What does the bee tell him to talk about?

  6. What features does the bee mention?

  7. What does Aladdin say she is?

  8. What does glorious mean?

  9. What does magnificent mean?

  10. What does it mean if you are punctual?

  11. What is a recovery?

  12. Why does she say she is a fine prize to marry?

  13. What does swaggering mean?

  14. Just go jump off a ________.

  15. What does buzz off mean?

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