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Speaking about Photographs: Questions for discussion

In this lesson, we will speak about photographs and taking pictures.

  1. Do you like to take pictures?

  2. What kind of pictures do you like to take?

  3. Do you have a camera?

  4. What kind of camera do you have?

  5. Why do people take photos?

  6. What type of pictures do you keep in your family's photo albums?

  7. Where do you keep your photos?

  8. What kind of photos do you enjoy looking at?

  9. How often do you look through your photo albums?

  10. Do you have a favourite photo of yourself?

  11. Have you ever wished you had not been in a particular picture?

  12. Are you camera-shy or do you like posing for photos?

  13. Do you think pictures should be posted on the internet without permission?

  14. Do you take pictures when you go on vacation?

  15. Do you post many pictures on social media?

  16. When can taking pictures be an invasion of your privacy?

  17. Are there any places that you would like to take a selfie at before you kick the bucket?

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