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Speaking about Poverty and Welfare: 20 Questions

In this lesson, we will speak about Poverty and Welfare.

  1. What is poverty?

  2. Are there many poor people in your country?

  3. Are there many homeless people in your country?

  4. What kind of problems do you think poor people have?

  5. Do you think that poverty causes crime?

  6. What do you think causes poverty and homelessness?

  7. Have you ever talked to a homeless person?

  8. Have you ever given money or food to a homeless person?

  9. How does the government in your country support the poor and the homeless?

  10. Do you think your government is doing a good enough job of providing for the poor?

  11. Do you think welfare programmes help or hurt your country?

  12. Have you ever volunteered at a welfare organisation?

  13. What do you think is a good reason to receive welfare from the government?

  14. How long should someone receive welfare?

  15. Do you think the government should create jobs for the homeless, instead of just giving them money?

  16. Do you think that people who work should be allowed to receive welfare too?

  17. Does your government punish people who commit welfare fraud?

  18. Do you believe that the rich are growing richer, and the poor are growing poorer?

  19. Do you think there will always be poverty in the world?

  20. What can we do to help reduce poverty?

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