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Speaking about the Beach: 30 Questions

In this lesson, we will practice speaking about the beach and typical beach activities.

  1. When was the last time you went to the beach?

  2. How often do you go to the beach?

  3. To which beach did you go?

  4. Which is your favorite beach?

  5. What do you wear to the beach?

  6. What kind of swimming suit do you wear?

  7. What do people do at the beach?

  8. Have you ever collected seashells?

  9. What did you do with the shells that you collected?

  10. Have you ever played sports on the beach?

  11. Which sports have you played?

  12. How are they different from non-beach versions of the sport?

  13. Can you swim?

  14. When did you learn to swim?

  15. Who taught you to swim?

  16. Do you think sunblock is important?

  17. Do you like to suntan?

  18. Do you like to build sandcastles?

  19. Are there lifeguards at the beaches in your country?

  20. Are there any problems with jellyfish or sharks at your country's beaches?

  21. What is the "tide"?

  22. Why is there a tide?

  23. What is a "riptide"?

  24. Do you prefer a calm sea or do you prefer big waves?

  25. Have you ever been night-swimming?

  26. How do you keep your belongings safe while you are swimming?

  27. Should dogs be allowed on the beach?

  28. Do you think that people should be allowed to drink beer or other drinks with alcohol on the beach?

  29. What sort of animals live at the beach?

  30. Do you think cars should be allowed on the beach?

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