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The best ways to improve your English in a short period of time

In this article we give you advice and tips to improve your English in a short period of time.

Go an extra mile every day

If you want to make real progress in English, you MUST practice using the language every day! The most common excuse is that there isn't enough time! RUBBISH!!!

You don't need to take classes every day, but you do need to use the language every day. There are many ways to do this by changing the way in which you do things that you already do everyday. Whatever you usually do in your native language, do it in English instead.

Think in English Make it a habit of organising your thoughts in English and formulating English sentences in your mind. You can think about what you are going to make for breakfast, or which route you will take to the office or supermarket, or even about in what order you will complete your tasks for the day.

Talk to yourself (Preferably when you are alone or people might think you are a little bit crazy!)

While you are doing things tell yourself what you are doing, in English.

You can also watch a video, listen to a podcast or read an article and then tell yourself, out loud, what you learned.

Feel free to make mistakes as no one will hear them.

Learn English by always practicing Go through the contents of what you have learned from previous classes.

Try reading stories out loud when you are alone or speaking more often without the fear of messing up, as that may slow you down from progressing. Practice makes progress!

Consume English

Consume as much English content as possible by watching movies, listening to music or news reports, or reading, in English. Switch your mobile device to English settings. Use Google in English.

Memorise new words and phrases Forgetting foreign words and grammar rules is natural but that can be easily remedied by regular memorisation. Memorisation is the mental process of committing something to your memory and it is the most natural way of learning a foreign language. Try to memorise English content by keeping a vocabulary notebook, or making word cards. Read your notes regularly and repeatedly.

Produce English

You can do this by speaking or writing in English.

Don't just memorise English words and phrases, but also use them in sentences.

Book a class with a private English teacher online

Teachers don’t only educate, they also inspire and impact a positive change. Their assistance is crucial in learning foreign languages. The easiest and most effective way to improve your English fast is with assistance from an English teacher/tutor. Don’t be shy or ashamed of making mistakes.

A one-on-one session ensures that your classes go at your own pace with individualised attention and help. Usually the lessons are tailored with a set of goal that suits your needs and long-term objectives. The teacher is entirely focused on you and no mistakes go unnoticed.

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