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The Future Perfect Continuous Tense

The future perfect and the future perfect continuous may seem similar but there is a difference. The future perfect describes an action that will end in the future. The future continuous describes an action that will continue in the future.

The future perfect continuous consists of will + have + been + the verb's present participle ( -ing form).

To form questions switch the subject and will.

To form negative sentences add not between will and have.

We use the future perfect continuous to talk about how long something will have continued by a certain point in the future.

For example: When I turn thirty, I will have been playing piano for twenty-one years.

I will have been waiting for thirty minutes at five o'clock.

How long will Sarah have been working when she retires?

She will not have been working here for 50 years when she retires.

Let's practice!

Complete and correct the following sentences using the future perfect continuous tense.

  1. How long _____ they ______ been playing basketball at five o'clock?

  2. He will have be swimming for 3 hours at 6 o'clock.

  3. He will not have be earning a salary for 6 months at the end of this month.

  4. She will have been study History for 3 years when she finishes college.

  5. I will _____ been working for 16 hours by the time I can finally go home.

  6. By this time tomorrow, I will have studying for 12 hours.

  7. They will have been watch TV for 24 hours at midnight.

  8. Will they have been watch TV for 24 hours at midnight?

  9. They ______ have been travelling for 2 years by the time they return.

  10. How long will you have been drive when you reach your destination?

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