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The Future Perfect Tense

We use the future perfect tense to talk about something that will have been completed by a certain time in the future. It is often used with a time expression detailing a time in the future.

It follows a general formula of will + have + verb (past participle).

We include the word not between will and have for negative sentences.

For questions or interrogative form, we switch the subject and will.

For example: I will have finished this book by Friday.

She will have cooked dinner by 7 o'clock.

They will have left by the time I arrive.

She will not have finished by the time the assignment is due. Will she have finished the race by tomorrow?

Let's practice!

Complete or correct the following sentences using the future perfect tense.

  1. He will _____ finished by tomorrow.

  2. By the end of winter, I will have lose 30kg.

  3. Will he______ finished the work by the deadline?

  4. By this time next week, she will have leave for her trip.

  5. They will have eat dinner by the time the movie starts.

  6. How long _____ they have lived in the city by this time next year?

  7. By 10 pm tonight we will have _____ (have) dinner.

  8. By the time the movie ends, he will have fall asleep.

  9. He will ____ have ______ (no finish) the book when you arrive.

  10. By next week she will have leave for Paris.

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