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The Future Simple Tense

The future simple is a verb tense that is used to talk about things that haven't happened yet. We use the future simple tense to talk about future facts, promises, predictions, assumptions or speculations, and threats.

The formula for the future simple is will + [base form of verb].

The Future Simple Tense is used in the following cases:

Future Facts

For example: He will be 21 in July.

She will go to school next year.

I will study later.


For example: I will love you forever.

I will pay you next week.

I promise I will do it later.


For example: It will rain tomorrow.

It will snow in Winter.

She will marry him someday.

Assumptions or Speculations

For example: They will sell their house.

Will she be sorry?

I will get a job.


For example: I will not hit you.

I will tell mom.

I will get my revenge.

To form a question in the future simple the subject and will change places, use this structure: Will + subject + verb + …?

For negative sentences and questions use will NOT.

Let's practice!

Complete the following sentences using the future simple tense and correct any errors you find.

  1. She _____ go to school next year.

  2. I will to go on a picnic.

  3. We will going to win.

  4. He will _____ (going) to work.

  5. She will _____ (eating) healthy food from tomorrow.

  6. When he will go swim?

  7. Will she finishing in time?

  8. Who will going?

  9. _____ will pay?

  10. Will they singing?

  11. She not come tomorrow.

  12. He _______ (no work) tomorrow.

  13. He not will play the piano.

  14. She will wearing her new dress.

  15. They willn't go to New York.

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