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General Revision Exercise

Updated: Aug 11, 2021


Correct the sentences. Sometimes there is more than one possible answer.

1 Jaimie might comes with us tomorrow, but he’s not sure yet.

2 Paula may already go home. She’s not in the library.

3 She don’t can be 18! She looks far too young.

4 Eduardo can’t has expected to become famous!

5 Ana could not be able to play in the concert next week. She’s not sure.

6 Jon musts have a lot of money. He’s always buying things.

7 I must have tore my trousers on the hike yesterday.

8 This must be their flat, but I’m not sure.

Complete the sentences with the correct present or past form of the verbs in brackets.

1 (tell) me exactly what (happen) last night!

2 Mrs Hudson is my maths teacher. She (teach) me for four years and in that time I (get) much better at maths.

3 I never (think) of a career in medicine, until I spoke to my biology teacher, but now I am (serious/ consider) it.

4 Oh no! I (forget) to bring my assignment! What am I going to do? This is the second time I (do) this!

5 I can’t remember what Mr Brown (say) yesterday about our homework. I (not listen) properly because Charlotte (talk) to me at the same time.

6 Last year I (go) on a school trip to Scotland. We (have) a very interesting time.

7 At the moment I (think) about what subjects to take next year but I (make) a final decision yet.

8 A few people (misbehave) in class sometimes, but generally everyone is quite well behaved.

Compare what Lucy did ten years ago with what she does today. (Use used to and but now to join the two sentences.)

She got up at 10 o’clock. She gets up at 6.30.

She was a student at university. She works in public relations in a multi-national company.

She lived in London. She lives in Manchester.

She wrote letters to her friends. She contacts her friends through social media networks.

She wore jeans and a T-shirt every day. She wears smart clothes.

She went to bed late every day. She goes to bed early!

She didn’t have any children. She has three children.

She never went on holiday. She goes on holiday three times a year.


Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first. Use if.

1 I don’t know how to sew so I don’t make my own clothes. If I knew ...

2 Let’s swap clothes: I wear your jumper and you wear mine. I’ll wear your ....

3 We didn’t find what we were looking for because we didn’t get to the sale early. If we’d got ...

4 I’ll look in the charity shops first for what I want, and then the high-street shops. If I don’t find what ....

5 I used that website because you told me about it. I would ...

6 We have lots of great shops here, so people come here to shop. People ....

7 To be able to afford a holiday, we have to save €100 every month. We won’t be able ....

8 He spoke out about the economic problems, so we became aware of them. If ....

9 They charge a booking fee, so the tickets cost €30 each. If ....

Reported speech 1 Rewrite these sentences in reported speech.

1 ‘I’ve always loved reading,’ said Rebecca.

2 ‘How many plays have you seen at the theatre this year, Laura?’ Maria asked.

3 ‘Who was your favourite character in The Hunger Games?’ Evie asked.

4 ‘We are going to the cinema this weekend, would you like to come with us?’ Joe asked.

5 ‘I can’t wait! This time next week we’ll be going on holiday!’ Alex said.

6 ‘You should look on the internet to find out more about the play and the author,’ our teacher said.

Choose the correct option.

1 Jess told me / said me she was going to go to bed early.

2 My mum asked me if Eddie had agreed taking / to take me to the concert in the end.

3 David and Carl promised being / to be there on time.

4 My grandparents offered buying / to buy me a car for my 18th birthday!

5 My friends suggested have / having a party at the end of term.

6 My dad asked if our next door neighbours had invited us go / to go to the opera with them.

7 The police officer warned my dad not parking / to park there again!

8 My sister asked me if the doctor had advised me not to go / going to work all week.

9 She didn’t agree giving / to give the training session in the office, so they got rid of her. 10 My little sister complained that she wanted / wanting a lollipop.

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